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We are about creating an authentic, excellent, and distraction-free environment
that challenges and inspires people.

Our Values


"Just Be You"

To be authentic, we must constantly be looking inward and cultivating the courage to be exactly what we are, imperfect. Our team is made up of imperfect people that come together and are a part of something bigger than ourselves. We move and encourage each other into greatness! So don't forget to be yourself because everyone else is taken.


"Simple Excellence is Simply Enough"


"Leave People in Awe"

You know the old saying, "practice makes perfect"? It's true - and we believe that excellence can be achieved by anyone that's willing to put in the hard work and discipline that it requires.  We also believe that hard work will always beat talent. We value this at New Life because it breeds consistency in everything we do. When something is consistently awesome, it gives our people something to be proud of and invite people to.
As humans, we were created with the longing to feel and be inspired. Inspiration is what moves people out of the norm and into greatness! For some people, inspiration has literally saved their lives, given them hope, and even a new purpose at times. That's why it's so important that every button we push and cue we execute is done with the attitude and heart that we are pointing people to something and someone bigger than ourselves - God. That's our goal, period.

Revive Music Studios

Our NL Creative Arts Team is pleased to off Revive Music Clinics which give students an opportunity to not only figure out what instrument they are interested in learning, but also to get to know the teacher they will be working with as well. Students are able to choose a breakout session to participate in with a main band instrument such as guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums and vocals.

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