Life Kids

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Our Life Kids Ministry includes all kids, ranging from birth to 3rd grade.  Our goal is to create a safe, nurturing environment where our team will bring the BIBLE to life every weekend.  We want to come alongside parents to help equip them to tell their child about JESUS!  In Life Kids we connect kids to Christ!!

Weekends at Life Kids

Early Childhood Nursery-4/5 year olds

Our youngest children learn best through music and play, as well as us caring for them. We do our best to provide this through Worship and interactive Bible stories. Children are invited to dance and sing and tell JESUS how much they love HIM! Your child will participate in a fun game and craft that relates to the age appropriate lesson.  Depending on the age group of the children, will determine the activities provided. Our bottom line is that children will hear and learn about Jesus and know that HE loves them!  

Elementary 1st - 3rd Grade

We begin our services through a large group setting, where your child will engage in Worship and hear the Bible story.  After Large Group time, we break into smaller groups that help to reinforce what they learned.  During our small group time we will go over discussion questions, and have the children participate in a group game, or craft, as well as review the Memory Verse/Big Idea for the day.  At the end of class, the children are challenged to see how they can use what they learned from God’s word. We go over real-life scenarios to help them put what they learned into practice.  A parent newsletter is provided each month to help partner with New Life and raising our next generation.  

Fusion 4/5/6 Grade

4/5/6 is our ministry designed specifically for middle school students.  Children in 4th-6th grade are no longer little kids, but not quite teenagers and need a space that is all their own.  Middle school is also a crucial time for children as they begin to figure out what a relationship with Jesus is all about, and what it means in their world.  At New Life, we are committed to creating a weekend experience for these students with strong biblical teaching, great small group leaders, and just enough crazy fun to keep a middle schooler engaged.   It is our desire to see our middle schoolers grow as passionate followers of Jesus, each and every week.

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