About New Life

Growing the kingdom of god

Who we are

At New Life, our heartbeat is to be a "Church FOR the Community" and that means both inside and out! New Life is a gathering of people committed to expanding the Kingdom of God by loving God and loving others. This means being an irresistible influence for good in our community and around the world by living out Matthew 5:16, "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven". Each week seekers and Christ followers come together to be inspired in their journey toward Christ and with Christ. Each week we scatter to live out our faith and to bring hope in our neighborhoods, schools, friendships and places of work.

We believe that the local church should be the most compelling reason for a person to believe that there is a God who loves them and created them to experience life to the full. People should look at the church and be drawn in by their love for one another, their compassion for their community and their desire to bring hope to the world.

New Life began in 1990 when a team of leaders founded New Life Community Church for those who had never been to church or had become disillusioned and given up on God. In 1995, after multiple temporary locations, we purchased our current property, which at the time was a strip mall. Over the years we have formed local partnership with other churches and organizations to impact our community. We have also sent out partners from New Life and formed strategic partnerships to expand our influence and impact around the world.

We’ve discovered that the Creator of the Universe made us to know him and enjoy him forever, that he has revealed himself in the person of Jesus, and that we find our truest meaning and most passionate purpose when we are connected to him.

Come and join us in this great adventure. The doors are always wide open to you!

Learn About Our Core Values


We value community because we believe that God put us together for a reason! We believe it is at the very heart of God to have all of us moving together and see the incredible potential of what He can do through His church. When that happens, you won’t want to miss being a part!


We value growth because we believe that we are called to grow disciples that proclaim and demonstrate the beauty of the Gospel! With that, we believe in the growth of the church - the reality is that numbers matter because LIVES matter!


We value grace because we believe that the same grace that has been extended to us by God is the same grace we extend to others. In embracing this, people should know us more for what we are FOR than by simply what we are against.


We value creativity because we believe that we are all reflections of the most creative Being in the universe! We embrace the freedom to create and discover new ways of doing things, knowing that even failures only bring us closer to creating something amazing!