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Membership at New Life

At New Life, we know that "membership" has lost some of it's meaning in our current world of club cards and gym memberships... but we also know that God uses His church to accomplish amazing things! As we join together to fulfill the mission we've been given, we've realized that when we come together and are part of something bigger than ourselves we begin to discover the possibilities of how we can impact the world! But it takes commitment... and that's what our Covenant Membership Team is all about. It's a gathering of people that are committed to serving each other through this incredible community called New Life, to leverage their gifts, talents, time and resources around a common goal, to come together regularly to celebrate our God, and to walk through life together by growing in small groups across the valley.

If you want to be part of the team and stand with an amazing group of believers that are willing to go ALL IN to impact our world, then jump in and commit to the team!! Read the commitment below and fill out the Covenant Team Form!

New Life Membership (Covenant Team)

I am a Christ-follower that has committed to stand in unity and in agreement with the people and beliefs of the community of New Life. This is a strong calling and and it compels me to advance the Kingdom of God with boldness and reckless abandon. As a team member, I will:

I look forward to each opportunity to come together, worship & learn as a community.

I’ll connect on-going in Life Groups, knowing that community is imperative for growth.

I’ll discover my spiritual gifts & use them to serve our internal and external community.

I’ve committed to trusting God by giving faithfully, generously & sacrificially to the ministry.

Together as a church, we will invite people to find their place in the story of God and light up our community with the presence of Jesus!

I am proud to be committing to be in covenant with my church community, Team at New Life, to accomplish the incredible mission that God has called us to!!